How to be a Gecko in 6 Steps

We break down the what, why, and how to prepare for an interview in 6 simple steps.


Online Application

To apply for a CoinGecko position, visit Submit a resume/CV and provide personal statements for HR insights.

Include LinkedIn, GitHub (for developers), and portfolios (for creatives/UI/UX Designers).


Discovery Call

A Discovery Call is an interview with HR to discuss your experience and aspirations. After the call, HR compiles the information for the hiring manager to review.


Skills Assessment

The skills assessment is a key part of the interview process, with one to two-week deadlines depending on the role. This allows applicants, especially those currently employed, to complete the assessment outside of working hours. Extension requests can be communicated through the same email thread.


Department Interview

Virtual meeting with hiring manager and team to discuss role fit, present assessments, and address technical questions. While the initial stages are conducted virtually, it's important to note that management positions may involve multiple rounds of interviews, with occasional in-person meetings for leadership roles.


Founder Interview

The final interview will only be arranged if you are successful in the first interview. Speak with CoinGecko co-founders (Bobby for business roles, TM Lee for tech roles) to assess cultural fit and contribution to CoinGecko's values.



After the interview rounds, HR will contact you to initiate a background check, which will be conducted before sending the offer letter for your review and signature. Once both the background check and offer letter processes are successfully completed, your hiring process with Team CoinGecko concludes, and you're ready to embark on this exciting journey with us.